Lauren Kinsella Trio

Themes of conservation and the complexity of nature are explored with drummer Dave Smith and saxophonist Tom Challenger. Having premiered Radicle (a plant’s first root) at the London Jazz Festival (2018), the group continue to explore trio play providing a platform for Kinsella’s composition and text. They will tour new music in January 2020.

“For me, coming to the capital from Sheffield, I found a message for the city council and its profiteering PFI partners Amey and their wholesale destruction of the city's beautiful trees. Lauren Kinsella sang Radical (a plant's first root), with her brave and transformative suite to the life, union and ecological necessity of trees, accompanied by saxophonist Tom Challenger and drummer Dave Smith. Kinsella's message flew with the wind, directly to the Steel City, its notes curling around its trees' blessed branches.”

-Morning Star

“A bold, intelligent and unusual improvising vocalist who seems to have found a very distinctive approach.”


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