Blue-Eyed Hawk

Under The Moon is an album released on Edition Records in 2014 by Blue-Eyed Hawk: vocalist Lauren Kinsella, trumpeter Laura Jurd, guitarist Alex Roth and drummer Corrie Dick. Produced by bassist Tom Herbert and featuring the production of Leafcutter John, this album was hailed as the best jazz album in The Ticket Awards, Irish Times.

“An arresting blend of styles”

-John Fordham, The Guardian    

“This debut from the Hawks will not easily be categorised but that’s its brilliance: inspirational music drawing on a myriad of influences created by a bunch of extremely talented and musically articulate individuals”

- Kieran Bohane, The Irish Examiner

“Under The Moon is one of the most thoughtful and imaginative albums of the year”

-Daniel Paton, MusicOMH