November 30, 2017
Quartier Libre
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Abhra Tour (FR) November 30 – December 3

A group formed by six improvisers (from France, Italy, Ireland and the UK) led by saxophonist Julien Pontvianne, ‘Abhra’ is the Sanskrit word for the atmosphere or emptiness. Julien’s original compositions are framed by improvisation and centered around the diaries of Henry David Thoreau – philosopher, poet and American scholar born in 1817. Thoreau’s texts are at the heart of Abhra’s music, in which the role of the voice, the timbre of the instruments and the resonant spaces plunge the listener into something delicate and intimate. Abhra features Julien Pontvianne: sax and clarinet; Lauren Kinsella: voice; Hannah Marshall: cello; Francesco Diodatti: guitar; Alexandre Heure: keyboard and electronics and Matteo Bortone: bass