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Lauren Kinsella Press


Vocalist Lauren Kinsella’s delivery is starkly beautiful, with each songs expressive arc working its way under your skin.

Peter Quinn Jazzwise


Let Lauren Kinsella’s voice move you to new oceans of tranquillity and reasoning.

Impose Magazine


Vocalist Lauren Kinsella has a stunning voice.

Mara Carlyle BBC Radio 3


The musical revelations of the night were the vocal duets between Phil Minton and Lauren Kinsella. Using microphones, the singers opened up a range of sub-vocal hiccups, whispers and murmurs that would be impossible in straight operatic performance.

Rob Turner The Wire


Kinsella’s searching, dream-like, multi-layered vocals is truly captivating.

Alfred Archer  For Folk Sake


I sincerely recommend that you make the trip to your nearest date and hear the future of jazz singing for yourself.

Sara Mitra  Londonjazznews


Vocalist Lauren Kinsella continues to make waves as one of the UK’s most innovative and compellingly creative artists in the fields of jazz, experimental music and literature/spoken word. Guaranteed magic.

Adrian Pallant  Londonjazznews


As compelling as a virtuoso instrumentalist, as alluring as the most enigmatic poet.

Ian Patterson  All About Jazz  


The performance is a tour de force by vocalist Lauren Kinsella.

Michael Dungan  The Irish Times


Magnetic and mesmerising, both musically and theatrically, in ‘The Last Siren’ Lauren Kinsella is irresistibly, jaw droppingly brilliant.

Chris O’Rourke  The Arts Review 


One of the brightest creative sparks to come out of the contemporary jazz vocal field in a long while.

Jazzwise  Selwyn Harris


There’s a very approving whisper going around jazz circles – deservedly – and it’s about Lauren Kinsella.

Max Reinhardt  BBC Radio 3


Lauren’s concert impressed with both its range and depth of expression. Her approach stood out for its committed approach to both the freely improvised and the notation based material, for the clear group empathy and the ingenious exploitation of the group’s instrumental and creative resources.

Evan Parker


Fine improvising vocalist – the powerful, freewheeling Lauren Kinsella.

John Fordham  The Guardian


A rising star.

Jack Massarik  The London Evening Standard


Kinsella’s crystal-clear delivery stood out and the Dublin singer seems blessed with an inventive curiosity and imagination.

Kieran Bohane  The Irish Examiner


A rare and original talent.

Matthew Wright  LondonJazz


Listen out in particular for Lauren Kinsella, whose free-ranging vocals and de-constructed syllables really impress.

Jez Nelson  BBC Radio 3


Kinsella has a complete system of sounds and ideas working for her. And its brilliance lies in the way she blends it with the instruments around her.



Lauren Kinsella is one of a small group of vocalists worldwide who are now beginning to change the way the voice sounds and the way it operates in music.

Cormac Larkin  The Irish Times


Striking contributions by singer Lauren Kinsella from the band Thought-Fox who debuted with My Guess in 2013. The Irish singer has an adventurous scaled-up spirit, Norma Winstone-like in certain respects.



Kinsella’s characteristic restraint and delicacy (precious qualities in jazz singers) made the feeling so much sharper.

The ArtsDesk


Great album, great musicianship and what remarkable vocals from Lauren!

Stephen Duffy  BBC Radio Scotland 


A fine new singer with ideas burning brightly inside and the right improvising attitude has arrived.

Stephen Graham  Marlbank


In a short time, the Irish singer has garnered glowing praise for her voice—a thing of rare beauty—and for her very personal improvisational style. The singer’s improvisation is real over-the-cliff stuff—fearless, devoid of cliché and striving for unexplored territory. A modernist, Kinsella is pushing vocal improvisation into new areas, and after a century of little movement in scat, such risk is refreshing.

Ian Patterson  All About Jazz


A completely down to earth and exquisitely vivacious young Irish singer Lauren Kinsella, who bestows her sung – spoken word.

Katie Bull  The New York City Jazz Record


Composer, bandleader and lead “horn” in this talented quintet, Kinsella has the chops and the sense of a jazz instrumentalist. She weaves her own lyrics, bits of traditional scat, fragments of poetry and a repertoire of shrieks and moans into the fabric of the music.

Cormac Larkin  The Irish Times


Kinsella explores sounds, lines, but listens, absorbs, responds, reacts. The interaction is constant, the alertness complete, compelling.

Sebastian Scotney  LondonJazz


Dubliner Lauren Kinsella’s vocals reach far beyond the conventional, and she deftly adapts her literary sources to suit the music.

Cormac Larkin  The Irish Times


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